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After decades of huge gains on a number of social, political and economic fronts the de facto position that men once held as “Head of the Household” is up for debate in the Jones House! Who Da Man is a dramady; similar to NBC’s 1980’s hit show “The Cosby Show”. The show incorporates a social, political blend of contemporary family issues. Dante and Diane Jones are a upper middle class Black American family. Diane the mom is a high level executive that brings home the bacon. Dante struggles in his less than traditional role, as a blue collar patrol officer, he continuously attempts to exert manhood! However, the only way Dante is able to proclaim his manhood is through his *dreams of grandeur*.

Through the dynamic elements of characters, dialogue, circumstances and diverse issues viewers will find Who Da Man to be absolutely irresistible. Not since “The Cosby Show” has there been a show that is able to capture the humor and still ring with a sense of truth and honesty; while presenting Black America with pride, diversity and cultural responsibility which the majority of people of color can believe-in and support.
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